Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Are we Scrubs?

We'll find out soon enough. A scrimmage at 6 pm. Last year, as the non-aligned people who needed a team to be on, we were called Scrubs. I got #14, a nice testament to Jim Rice. Still, we should have been given character names on our shirts, I feel. Of course, I'd have wanted Turk, although Dr. Cox is probably a good athlete too (or was, back in the day).

Now the team seems dominated by co-workers of one guy who's taken over the organizing -- contact with the league president, sending out the emails, etc. I can't remember which guy it was from last year, though! Since last year's team was an embarrassment, I can only hope it was someone who was equally shamed and didn't come to many games as a form of protest. Or, I just didn't put the face to the name.

Softball's so easy. The ball is ridiculously slow. Most of the players are, too. Our team last year lacked "baseball instincts". That drives me more crazy than anything -- even pitchers who can't throw strikes (check), batters who miss (check), or showing up with only 8 or 9 guys for a game (check and double-check!). I played shortstop one game, and got a grounder, went to toss it to second to get the force, and the second baseman's nowhere to be found. Yeah, I got the error because I threw the ball over his head by the time he realized he was supposed to cover. My arm had already completed the swinging motion for the flip, and I still had to try to hold on to the ball and wait. Not exactly Alex Gonzalez or Alex Cora.

Well, we'll see how it goes.

p.s. the homemade beer is quite good! and no more foam incidents, although one bottle over the weekend was a "dud" with no carbonation. Not sure how that happens.


~**Dawn**~ said...

as long as you're not Julio Lugo...

Nichole said...

There's a pediatric resident at the hospital who calls me "The Todd." :-P